Video Project

The following is a compilation of video taken with our camera of a Segway tour we took in 2007 at Walt Disney World.

I started off with Windows MovieMaker for Windows XP. At first I thought it was great, but then it started crashing every three clicks. I tried to look up a newer version of the one I had, but all the comments said that Windows MovieMaker would continue to crash so I abandoned it. I then found a free 30-day download of Corel VideoStudio. It took a little while to get the hang of the program, I’m sure it would have been faster if I had looked up some tutorials, but instructions, schmuctions – I figured I could figure it out for myself. I spent several hours on this video, getting all the clips and music in and then working on the fades and titles. I was finally getting the hang of it and I might go ahead and pay the $100 for the full version – we have a lot of video to process and make into a pleasant format. (Actually, when I went to embed the link to Corel, I found they had the software on sale for $39.99 – I bought it.) Also, the best part of the Corel VideoStudio for this project was that it has a YouTube button, which renders the video directly for YouTube. Sweet!


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