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Collective Intelligence

Wisdom of the Crowd
I really liked this article and the accompanying video by Michael Krigsman. It brought up some very good points about collective intelligence and four elements are needed for it to work and if one of the four items is missing, the whole collective intelligence gathering falls apart. These are definitely things to consider as I move forward in my design career.
As a side note, it was brought up that the designer needs to take into consideration how questions are asked or phrased, because it will influence the information you receive back. In the future, as I help my clients mine for information from the collective intelligence of their particular audience, I will certainly have to take this into consideration. A carelessly phrased question or a badly worded task description will not produce valuable responses, but instead will produce answers that are biased by my poor construction. Definitely this is something to keep in the back of my mind.

This article by Daniel Nations brings up the important point that in today’s world, you need people to submit content to your site even before the site is “open for business.” Marketing plays an important role in the success of the launch of a new web site. In the past a site would be launched and then slowly users would come. This paradigm is shifting to where you must market your site so that you have users prior to launch so that content is already there. Without said content, new users will not be attracted to your site. It is quite the paradox.
This made me think that besides good marketing and issuing a beta version to peak interest what other ways can a designer and marketing team use to get users to contribute content? The Michael Krigsman article above mentioned getting users to want to contribute for “selfish reasons.” How do you go about that exactly? The desire to make something better, fame, or what? I can see that I will be pondering this topic for awhile. I would appreciate any feedback on this.

Project Management
The now available Web 2.0 tools are radically changing project management in the business world, not only in how projects are run and how the members of the team interact, but it is also changing the management style of the project leader. Andrew Filev wrote in a 2007 blog about his anticipation of the changes from both inside the company and outside the company with regards to harnessing of the collective intelligence of the team members and the outside users. In this more current blog, Filev gives his current perception of the role of a project manager and what they will have to do differently to “control” the group.
I can definitely see the advantages of using collective intelligence tools to enhance the work environment. In the last company I worked for there was such a disconnect between departments, one would find out a key piece of information, but it would only be disseminated by “accident.” So many times two or three departments would be doing the same tasks with only slight variations. Or better yet, one department would continue to put man hours into a project that other departments knew was dead.
In order to compete financially in the information age, I predict that companies will have to adopt collective intelligence tools to effectively use fewer people to do less work. This is also going to have a huge impact on where employees are located. In the future, I could foresee that many companies may not have a “brick and mortar” location. Their employees could easily be scattered across the globe and the need for an actual worksite would be a waste of money.

Also as a side note, I found a little site that would be fun to put on your Netvibes account; WordSpy. It looks for new and emerging words and phrases that are being used on the web. Be the first kid on the block to know what peep culture, digital nomad, and bleachorexia means.