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Open Mashup Alliance (OMA)

The Open Mashup Alliance is a consortium “that promotes the adoption of mashup solutions in the enterprise through the evolution of enterprise mashup standards like EMML.” Through the support of open source code and the use of EMML, the OMA hopes to eliminate vendor lock-in and make the development of enterprise mashups more lucrative and viable. I think that without the standardization of EMML and the move toward open source code under a Creative Common License propelled and supported by the OMA, the usage of enterprise mashups will not reach its expected increase of tenfold by 2015. The future of computing for business is going to include mashups and just like web standards set by the W3C, hopefully the OMA will be able to influence companies to join the proposed mashup standards. Companies like HP, Intel and Adobe have already signed to support the OMA, but many more companies are going to have to join before standardization becomes a reality. And as we all know, there will always be the hold outs that want to keep their developments proprietary, but I don’t think that mindset is really going to work for companies in the world going forward.

Business Intelligence and Mashups

In this article, Lorraine Lawson brings up the issue with mashups and business. Many businesses have invested in Business Intelligence mashups and are not happy with the results. The issue seems to be the user not the technology. In a quote from IDC analyst, Dan Vessett, “The core issue here is not one of BI failing. Technology is almost never the issue. It’s the ability for IT to create and/or align the right technology for the needs of the business users.” I agree. This comes back to something we discussed in class, the need to know your client’s users and know them very well. What information do they want and what is the best solution to get the user the required information? Lawson also brings up the idea of delighting you users by going above and beyond. I agree with this philosophy 100%, probably from my many years of working for Disney where we were taught to exceed guest expectations. This is one reason the Disney Parks stand out from other theme parks, the exceeding of guest expectations. I think we need to take this philosophy into the design industry with us, whether we are designing mashups, web sites, or apps for the iPhone. Ultimately when we exceed the user’s expectations, we will most assuredly exceed our client’s expectations.

Enterprise Mashups

This article brought up to me the potential for conflict between the non-developer who goes off and makes a mashup and the IT department. While the non-developer is quickly solving a business need, without taking up valuable resources of the company and by-passing the bureaucracy of getting a project prioritized and funded, they could be attempting to access data that needs to be secure. The IT department needs to have some governance over the mashup to insure security of the data and also to insure legacy. There will need to be some sort of documentation of what was created so if that employee leaves the company, other people can improve or revise the existing mashup as new information and technology is created. I could also see the potential , depending on the corporate culture for a particular company, for the IT department to feel threatened by the non-developer’s creation of a mashup and for there to be “turf wars” in the world of corporate politics

This is a site to create and find widgets.

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